Ooty is a premium education hub

One of the most filmed location in India
February 15, 2018

Taking advantage of the cool climate, many premium educational institutions is located here which provide some of the best educational facilities in India. Just considering the elite institutions, there would be more than 60 boarding schools in and around Ooty. The Lawrence, Good Shepherd, Hebron just a few international schools located here.

Unfortunately, the rising tourism has taken its toll on this beautiful city. Presently it is reeling under pollution, traffic jam, sewage disposal issues, deforestation and increasing temperature. The Ooty lake is the best example of this, earning the title as the most polluted water body in Tamil Nadu.

I appeal to you all to visit this place at the same time preserve it, as you would do at your own home. Let this beautiful place continue to be so for the generation to come…..

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